Song of the Phoenix – Chapter 2

Her clear eyes zoomed in on the centralized pressure point of the glass pool. The water converged and began swirling together into a specific point, creating a mini whirlpool. Cracks were already visible on the bottom of the seven layered glass and expanding outward, even her target seemed to have caught on to the abnormality.

Their eyes briefly clashed with one another. She watched his eyes widen in terror as he paddled furiously toward her, but she knew he’ll never make it in time. With an emotionless smile, she silently bid him farewell.

By now, Baihe had already reached the edge of the pool, ready to lift her body out, but who knew right at this moment, she’d lose her balance. Her head pounded with a thunderous force as if her arch nemesis was hammering down on her brain, cracking her skull. There was also a searing pain in her palm, right where the wound was located.

The biggest and most important issue was… her body suddenly turned incredibly heavy, rendering her unable to drag herself out of the pool. It felt like she had gained the body mass of an elephant. Not to mention, all the energy within her was sapped away. Her vision turned foggy and she could feel her consciousness slipping away.


The pool beneath them burst with a tremendous force as the seven layered glass shattered. An ear piercing male scream penetrated through the cold night. Two bodies were seen free-falling down from the 80 stories high hotel building.

What the fuck? You got to be kidding me. This is how my legacy going to end? The most infamous assassin found dead together with a butt naked arms dealer drenched in pool water? Death by my own device and setup…   

Baihe’s heart sank in shameful despair as her eyes finally closed when the last shred of consciousness left her.


Suffocation was the first word that came to Baihe’s mind in her groggy state. Have I been captured and was now being tortured? 

Her eyes struggled to open, but her lids felt too heavy. Sharp pain vibrated throughout her body, every bone ached and every muscle felt sore. When her lids finally fluttered open, she was shrouded in a curtain of darkness. Her weak body was trapped inside some sort of wooden box.


Am I inside a damn coffin? 

Incessant chatters could be heard from the outside. The joyous and carefree conversations doesn’t sound anything like someone mourning over the death of a loved one. Not that anyone would mourn over an assassin’s death. Amidst the noise, only one female was endlessly sobbing.

Who? Is she crying for me?

As the familiar voices drifted into her enclosed space, an intense pain attacked her head. Snaps of memories that didn’t belong to her were flashing through her mind, playing out each scene like a drama movie. By the time she regained her equilibrium, her eyes glowed with a beautiful luster, but they were as cold as the freezing winter night.

She was like one of those marbles being played around with in someone’s palm, sent over to a new world by a high and mighty force — a higher existence. This mystical phenomenon baffled her and challenged everything she believed in. After all, she was a woman from the modern times, an era of science and technology.

Now, her soul had crossed over to another world and reincarnated into the body of the eldest daughter of the Huang’s general household. Baihe could only describe this unforeseen event with one word — transmigration!

She really didn’t know if she should laugh or cry. If you were going to give me another chance to live… why must I occupy the body of a good-for-nothing trash? 

That was right, the original owner of this body was also called Huang Baihe, but was known throughout the region as a useless trash, who couldn’t cultivate. Speaking of which, this world she’d traveled to was quite interesting. It was a place that defied the logic and science of the modern world she came from. People here could cultivate and it was a society where the strong rules and the weak get trampled on.

Unfortunately, since the original owner of the body was a trash, Baihe wasn’t able to extract much information from the memories left behind regarding cultivation. She couldn’t help, but release a deep sigh of frustration. Her first priority would be to learn more about cultivation and how to train this useless body into a lethal weapon.

She was extremely vexed. How did she fail an important mission in such a shameful way and ended up in the body of an 18-year-old girl? Should she feel happy that she turned eight years younger?

She thought back to the treasured guqin and her fingers instinctively rubbed over her palm where the wound should have been. Although, this was another body and there was no visible wound on the palm, there was still a faint sizzling sensation when she rubbed across it.

Resigning herself to fate, she organized the memories of the previous owner. At first, Baihe thought she had time-traveled to ancient China, but based on her knowledge, this place never existed in her history, nor was there any record of this world. However, the language, people and culture were extremely similar, although there were also many differences.

A parallel world? 

She scrapped that idea off her mind and focused on the information and facts gathered from the memories of the previous owner instead of theories she conjured. Right now, she was currently in the central region, one of the strongest empires of this world known as the Feng Empire.

Skillfully, she categorized everything and filed them away into her memory castle.

Huang Baihe, since you gave me a second chance in life, then all your past debts will become mine. I’ll help you repay back all past grievances to all those that’d wronged you! Rest in peace. I will live in your place. 

Her ears perked up at the sound of a familiar male voice. It was her fiancé — Prince Zhao. He was the one responsible for secretly killing the original owner of the body because he refused to marry a trash. Instead, he wished to marry her younger sister, Fei Fei, born from a concubine.

Even though she was a trash, the marriage was bestowed by his father, the king of the Feng Empire since birth and she still came from the prestigious Huang general household, so a pretentious funeral was prepared in her stead. A cold, mocking smile graced her face.

Instead of mourning over my death, you brats are all celebrating in your hearts for removing this trash from the world. Huang Baihe… you sure are a pitiful soul, but don’t worry, I will help avenge you in due time. 

As of this moment, this current body was still too weak. Baihe wasn’t suicidal so she knew she’d have to wait until she figured out the whole cultivation feature before any talk of revenge could happen. That doesn’t mean she can’t teach them a small lesson. Her body was also feeling stiff from resting inside the suffocating coffin.


The lid of the coffin was pushed away by a pale white hand and a fragile lady sat up from her supine position. The entire place quiet down as everyone present held their breath. There was something frightening in the girl’s eyes that made the hairs on their nape tingled in warning. Even the females were too scared to scream.

The best reaction came from Prince Zhao. His face was frozen in shock, as if all the facial muscles cramped up. Was she a ghost or a human?

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10 thoughts on “Song of the Phoenix – Chapter 2

  1. Woke up, saw your previous comment, went back to sleep, woke up, and happiness *picture sparkles*
    Now then, since nobody is going to be todays grammar nazi, allow me. (just trying to help)

    one of the strongest empire>one of the strongest empires? I could be wrong though, don’t know if empire can be used in plural.

    The water converged and were swirling
    together in a specific point,
    The water converged and began swirling together into a specific point,

    The biggest and most important issue was… her body suddenly turned so heavy, rendering her unable to drag herself out of the pool.
    Isn’t turned used wrongly here? I could be wrong but something like this?>
    The biggest and most important issue was… her body, that had suddenly turned so incredibly heavy that she was rendered unable to drag herself out of the pool?

    all the energy within her was sapped away> had been sapped away

    have i been captured and was now being tortured> was I now being tortured?
    *mentally preparing myself for being wrong on all the findings*


    • Morning Zaqmko! Hope you enjoyed the double dosages of happiness from the two released chapters!

      Point 1: You are absolutely correct. Empire in that sentence should be in plural form. Great catch!
      Point 2: The sentence is actually correct, but I simply like the way you phrased it better, so I’ve changed it. *hehe*
      Point 3 – 5: Nothing wrong with those sentences, just a matter of preference over different phrasing. I did however, substituted out the “so heavy” with your “incredibly heavy” because it makes the sentence flow better and paint a better image of her body suddenly weighting a ton. Lol!

      Thank you very much for taking the time to help me find some of my mistakes. I appreciated it because it’s extremely helpful to me by having another set of eyes to spot errors. Please do continue to be my grammar nazi =) *Push out a plate of fresh cookies for bribery*


      • I’ll gladly help you with your story. I’m offended by the fact that you think I would fall to such blantant bribery though. *He says while eating the cookies*


      • Mission Accomplished! *With great effort, Queendrops tamed the wild laughter threatening to burst out and shamelessly shoved another plate of fresh cookies toward Zaqmko. This time she even included a cup of freshly brewed hot milk tea!*


  2. potential,but please stay clear from the usual trash,unable to cultivate,good for nothing Miss plotlines,maybe develop the story in different fashion so readers dont get bored,but still,good job!


    • Hi Liliana, welcome to the comment section =) Glad to have you join us!

      About your concerns, this story is indeed about an op assassin who had transmigrated into the body of a good-for-nothing Miss. I have already mapped out the basic plot of the direction I wished for both leads to head toward. I don’t know if the final product will be able to meet everyone’s expectations, but I do hope they will at least enjoy reading it as much as I am excited over writing it.

      *cross my fingers and hope that it won’t be boring!* In the meantime, please do stay tuned for future updates and thanks for reading!


  3. I couldn’t stop laughing at the last part… “….Was she a ghost or a human?” – either way… you’re DEAD meat buddy!!!

    Thank you for the double releases!!! *jumping up & down with my hot pink pom pom*


    • Hi Beboua! *Squeal at the corner for getting a laugh out of Beboua!* Thanks for your support with all the cheer-leading! Somehow, I’m imagining “Bring it On” the movie. LOL!


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