Divine Empress of Chaos

Author: Queendrops
Publication: March 17, 2017 – April 19, 2017
Status: Completed
Genre: Rated M for Maturity, XianXia, Martial Arts, Romance 

Copyrighted © 2017 by Queendrops. All Rights Reserved


A mysterious old man appeared before Yu Liang and her younger brother one day, throwing her peaceful world into chaos. Trapped inside the Divine Chaos Pagoda, she must safeguard her brother and reach the top while fending off enemies if they wish to escape the tower.

Just what secrets does this pagoda hold? With the promise of a legendary divine artifact as a reward, bloodshed and sacrifices taint the path to the top. Yu Liang wouldn’t bat an eye at the gore. Her steel cold heart disregards all besides her brother. But since when has he made a dent in her iron heart?

The allure of the legendary divine artifact pales in comparison to the devastating male evildoer. Is he a friend or foe? If she has to make a choice between her brother and him, will she choose the familiarity of family or the unknown future of love?

The old man entwined our fate together, but it is up to us to choose the path of destiny we wish to embark on.

Table of Contents

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