Song of the Phoenix

Author: Queendrops
Publication: April 22, 2017 –
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Rate M for Maturity, XianXia, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance, Transmigration 

Copyrighted © 2017, Queendrops. All Rights Reserved


She was the eldest daughter of the Huang’s general household, Huang Baihe. Known for being the infamous good-for-nothing useless trash. She was looked down upon by everyone and ultimately died pitifully by the hands of her fiancé.

She was the 25th century most deadliest assassin – quick, precise and efficient. After coming in contact with a mysterious artifact during her last mission, she crossed over to a strange new world and unwittingly reincarnated into the body of Huang Baihe.

When her eyes reopened, they were deadly cold and fierce. Who still dares to act so presumptuously around her? If she wants you dead, Death would only ask who and when. Only that overbearing, domineering man continues to pester her — arrogant, bold, and shameless! He was the epitome of death, hovering over her like a second layer of skin.

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